If you have questions regarding the availability or the prize of special products, please send us a message.
These products are currently available:

• GNSS Freyja
• GNSS Eyr
• GNSS Njord.

For all other products we will send you an offer:

• ADCP: HydroFlow 600 and HydroFlow 1200
• Echo Sounders: ECT 400, ES224, HiTarget HD-510
• Handheld SLAM Scanner: Cygnus
• Hydroboat-1100 and Hydroboat-900
• Side Scan Sonar: Hydroscan 1400, Hydroscan 4900, Hydroscan 400
• Software: SatSurv, SGS
• Tablet: SHC55, Tablet A8003H
• Total Station: SL10
• Vessel: Hydro-One

Handheld SLAM Scanner: Cygnus